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The Renaissance Faire draws many fans for the sheer pleasure of donning a wench, fairy or royal costume and pretending to live life just for a day during ye olde Renaissance. While the faire isn’t as dedicated in its olde time cuisine and elements as one thinks it should be (Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones is prancing around with baby dragons), it is still a jolly good time. And the souvenirs from the days of yore are great conversation pieces, too. Check out what you can buy at the artisan marketplace to bring back to the New World.

Garden decor

IMG_2653_shoppingbLooking to spruce up your garden with some gnomes and trolls? These cute little Gothic goblins come in a variety of colors and can be hidden under plants and bushes, or serve as the starring attraction to your garden.

(Photo by Hollow Earth Swordworks)
(Photo by Hollow Earth Swordworks)


If you’re in the market for a crossbow or sword, then you’ve come to the right place. At least several vendors specialize in armory and weaponry, and they come pretty close to the real thing. Longswords, Bastard swords, Viking swords, Scottish Claymores and rapiers are all up for sale. Learn about sword etiquette and how to fight. Just don’t slay thy friends.

(Photo by Christy Hinko)

IMG_3238bOils and incense

If you want your home to smell of cedar wood, jasmine, lavender, rain and dozens of other scents, then aromatherapy candles, lotions, soaps and oils are at your disposal at several shops. Just don’t burn too many different scents at once as they are potent and unique. If you do, get thee to a bathe.

Flower crowns

Trinkets_081716BBQuite popular at Bohemian weddings and Coachella these days, girls are all about the flower crown, which dates back to ancient Greece. A halo of flowers and sometimes ribbon were worn by maidens and the higher classes of royalty. Each flower has its own symbol (fertility, innocence, marriage) and the headpieces evoke a pastoral, Medieval and fairy-like sense of style. At the faire, flower crowns run from $22-$25 and come in a variety of colors. The flowers are fake, but look quite real, making for an ethereal headpiece.

Drinking horns

You can totally upgrade your dinnerware by purchasing mugs, cups and utensils, but most people go for the drinking horn. New vendor Valhalla Horns specializes in the beverage holder of choice and offers custom designs, ranging from 12 to 26 inches. The cuffs can be brown or black leather or fur and accented to the customer’s preference. Depending on the size, style and amount of detail, horns run from $25 to $65. Fill with mead, ale or any drink of your choice. (Photos by Valhalla Horns)

Trinkets_081716ABaby dragons

OK, so they aren’t really baby dragons so much as they are little lizards held by the Mother of Dragons. But if you’re into all of that, take one of these little guys home as a pet. A real draw for kids, the lizards are at St. George’s Dragon Orphanage, where they await to be adopted and given a new name. The orphanage will also “babysit” the dragon until guests are ready to set off on their journey home. To learn more, visit www.mybabydragon.com.

Much Much More

Check out the other merchandise for sale at the New York Renaissance Faire this year.


Everything you want to know about the New York Renaissance Faire

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