Experience Art In The Landscape Of Old Westbury Gardens


Seward Johnson sculptures on display through Sept. 4

Seward Johnson at Old Westbury Gardens
“A Turn of the Century” after Renoir by Seward Johnson (Photos by Kimberly Dijkstra except where otherwise noted)

A visit to Old Westbury Gardens is lovelier than ever while dozens of Seward Johnson’s marvelous sculptures are on display across the grounds. The artist is one of the most highly regarded of our time and his works fit into the landscape of the English country-style estate like they’ve been there forever.

Cast in bronze, these figures are scattered all over the 200 acres. Some engage in everyday activities while others are reminiscent of great artists like Monet and Renoir. Johnson matches the painterly quality of the art that inspires him with his brushstrokes and brings these famous paintings into the world of three dimensions.

“Eye of the Beholder” after Manet
“Time for Fun” after Renoir (Photo by Arien Dijkstra
“Whispering Close” after Renoir (Photo by Arien Dijkstra)
Grouping of dancing Renoir figures
“My World”
“On Poppied Hill” after Monet
“La Promenade” after Caillebotte
"Sidewalk Concert" by Seward Johnson (Photo by Kimberly Dijkstra)
“Sidewalk Concert” outside of Walled Garden
“Cloud Watching”

You’ll never feel quite alone along among the lifelike figures, which dance, cloud-watch and steal away for private moments where you least expect them.

Hurry up and experience this unique exhibition while the land is lush and green. Seward Johnson at Old Westbury Gardens continues through Sept. 4. For more information, visit www.oldwestburygardens.org.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, the Seward Johnson sculpture exhibit has been extended to Sept. 24

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