Exciting Times, Exciting Challenges


Diocese_BBy Dr. Kathleen Walsh

And so is the description of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Rockville Centre for the 2016-17 school year.

As the school year unfolds, we are called to take a look at our schools and the wonderful instruments of academic success, social justice and spiritual growth they are in our society.

While our world is experiencing challenges on every front, our schools are anchored in a bedrock of faith, service and hope for a future. This future is created by the parents, administrators and staff who dedicate their time, talents and resources to the young people who will be our leaders, our professionals, our church.

This is indeed an awesome responsibility but one that is very achievable and has proven its effectiveness by the legacy of Catholic education in the Diocese of Rockville Centre. The Diocese continues to make a commitment to supporting and invigorating the role of Catholic education in the 21st Century. Evidence of this can be seen in the establishment of the department of education center which is housed in the former Sisters of Mercy Convent at Holy Trinity Diocesan High School. This state-of-the-art facility is now home to the Department of Education and will be utilized by a number of departments that seek to strengthen the message of our faith through education, service and spreading the gospel. Bishop Murphy has made it clear that Catholic education on Long Island is alive and well, and his dedication to this mission is quite evident in the new center.

Along with this wonderful center is the group of administrators and teachers in our schools who work tirelessly to provide a solid and meaningful foundation of faith upon which our students grow both spiritually and academically. Pope Francis states, “The mission of schools is to develop a sense of truth, of what is good and beautiful. And this occurs through a rich path made up of many ingredients. True education enables us to love life and opens us to the fullness of life.”

The Diocese of Rockville Centre is devoted to the mission of Catholic education in an environment that is rooted in Gospel teachings and Catholic apostolic service. Our students are given every opportunity to master life skills which will provide them with the tools needed to live a productive, faith-filled life in a diverse society. Our schools are a presence of the church in everyday life, providing guidance, support and a respect for life.

Our students are vibrant and talented individuals who respond to the call of the Gospel and learn the tenets of their faith through everyday actions. Whether in math class or engaging in a STEM project, the goal of all students is to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful and productive citizen while giving glory to God and the teachings of the Catholic church.

Families are dedicated to the mission of faith and learning and play an integral part in our schools. Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in the school life of their child, and many are able to do so. This partnership strengthens and enriches the total education of students as it embraces the total child. Our classrooms become an extension of family—a family of faith which permeates all aspects of a student’s life.

Our Catholic schools on Long Island are preparing for a wonderfully successful school year, rooted in faith and committed to spreading the good news through education, commitment and service.

Diocese_AExciting times. Exciting challenges. Exciting outcomes.

Dr. Kathleen Walsh is the superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

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