Election Correction


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The May 11-17 issue of the Levittown Tribune ran an ad on the back page, paid for by friends of E.M.T., naming three candidates for the Levittown Board of Education and which groups endorsed these candidates. The ad incorrectly stated the candidates endorsed by the Levittown United Teachers and members of the CSEA. Levittown United Teachers and the CSEA endorse Peggy Marenghi, James Moran and Christina Lang in the Levittown School Board elections scheduled for Tuesday, May 17.

“The Levittown United Teachers and CSEA, which are the legally recognized and exclusive representatives of the teachers and staff of the Levittown School District, endorsed three and only three candidates in this year’s board of education election: Peggy Marenghi; James Moran; and Christina Lang,” said John Caulfield, president of Levittown United Teachers, and Nick LaMorte, CSEA region one president. “Any claim that any other candidates were endorsed by the Levittown United Teachers or CSEA in this election is factually incorrect.”


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