We as humans spend roughly one-third of our lifetime sleeping. That is a big chunk of time dedicated to dreaming and getting a good night’s rest. But how crucial is it to achieve those perfect eight hours? Joan LaPallo is the Manhasset store manager at DUXIANA, a luxury sleep store specializing in the utmost high quality beds and mattresses. She believes that the benefits of sleep extend far beyond waking up feeling refreshed.

“When customers come in, we give them a personal experience and discuss with them their personal sleeping problems and why they are shopping for a new mattress. Everyone has different needs,” said LaPallo. “We are becoming increasingly busy as a society, which leads to consumers making online purchases—sight unseen—hoping for the best outcome. E-commerce is time-saving and convenient for many purchases, but not very well-suited for mattress shopping.”

That being said, LaPallo notes that a mattress is the most important piece of furniture we own. Firm feeling does not always mean firm support, and with more than 25 years of supporting Long Island communities, DUXIANA has become an expert brand on attaining deep sleep.

“The ultimate goal of sleep is for our bodies to repair, rebuild and restore, which is what a mattress should do. If you’re not comfortable, you’re not achieving deep sleep,” said LaPallo of the level of sleep where one’s body and brain waves slow down. “You want a bed to yield to your body, which promotes a level of deep sleep and rejuvenation. A mattress is the most important piece of furniture we own and we disregard that.”

When shopping for a new mattress, LaPallo recommends that customers come with a partner or friend, allowing for the full experience of finding the correct angles and postures. That way, the person who is standing gets an optimal view of the person lying on the bed, making sure the feet are uplifted.

The DUX Bed

DUXIANA features five models in its line of beds. The DUX Bed—a result of more than
90 years of research—asserts that while each model is unique, all maintain a continuous
coil spring system, comprised of one mile of Swedish steel.

“This continuous coil wire is very strong and unique to DUX. In Sweden, DUX beds are passed down from generation to generation, save for replacing the top pads,” said LaPallo, adding that the added resiliency of the coil design eliminates the need for flipping a mattress. “One model has lumbar support, which is great for back sleepers. Another model called the Axion, is a remote-controlled adjustable bed, perfect for pregnant women as it changes the levels of firmness.”

Besides the DUX Bed, DUXIANA sells some of the finest bed linens and quality down products, such as the Xleep pillow, which mimics the bed with its inner core of gentle springs surrounded by down. So live your own version of The Princess and the Pea with the mattress of your dreams.

DUXIANA is located at 1522 Northern Blvd., Manhasset. For more information, call 516-869-1700 or visit duxiana.com.

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