Duxiana Offers Luxurious Accessories For A Good Night’s Sleep


A bed is the most important piece of furniture a person will ever own. Humans spend roughly one-third of their lives sleeping, so it’s only natural that they choose the best quality mattress with all the trimmings to help them achieve the best night’s sleep.

But how crucial is it to achieve those eight hours? Joan LaPallo is the Manhasset store manager at DUXIANA, a luxury sleep store specializing in the utmost high quality beds and mattresses. She believes that the benefits of sleep include more than just comfort, but free of any harmful materials and easy to maintain.

“We are very proud to announce that The DUX Bed has once again received the Oeko Tex 100 stamp of approval,” said LaPallo. “This certificate means that The DUX Bed meets the strict human-ecological requirements of being completely free of any unhealthy or harmful substances. In a DUX Bed you can be sure you are sleeping in a bed that is toxin-free.”

The DUX Bed she is speaking of is the result of more than 90 years of research. While each bed model is unique, all maintain a continuous coil spring system, composed of one mile of Swedish steel.

“This continuous coil wire is very strong and unique to DUX,” said LaPallo. “The added resiliency of the coil design eliminates the need for flipping a mattress.”

Now that the technical elements are taken care of, it’s time to play dress up. DUXIANA offers an impressive line of bedskirts, ruffles, allergy covers, down comforters, custom-made linens and pillow cases, perfect for completing your dream bedroom look. Perhaps most important is that the allergy covers are a breathable, lightweight, thinner than silk material, yet still luxurious. The covers provide a barrier through which dust mites and allergens cannot pass, thanks to a revolutionary tight-weave structure that also permits air and moisture to pass through, allowing the skin to breathe freely. This ensures that you sleep coolly and comfortably throughout the night.

As for pillows, the Xleep pillow is another DUX innovation, with an inner core that contains a system of active micro springs to ensure that the neck and head stay aligned with the spine. Such a spring system allows the down pillow to retain its original shape and elasticity year after year, and to feel extra cool and comfortable. So enjoy making your bed in the morning knowing that you will have a glorious sleep at night.

DUXIANA is located at 1522 Northern Blvd., Manhasset. For more information, call 516-869-1700 or visit www.duxiana.com.

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