Do You Live With A Bully?: Free Interactive Parenting Workshop Offered



Have the terrible twos turned into the terrible tweens or the terrible teens? Yes, that’s right, today’s parents are dealing with kids who aren’t just bullying each other but often giving their parents the same sassy attitude.

Therapist/author Sean Grover
Therapist/author Sean Grover

To help parents of children and teens of all ages, North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center is hosting a workshop by renowned psychotherapist and parenting expert Sean Grover titled “When Kids Call the Shots: Stop Being a Bullied Parent.” The workshop will be held at the Guidance Center’s Roslyn Heights headquarters on Oct. 23 from 10 a.m. to noon.

This photo provided by AMACOM shows the cover of the book, "When Kids Call the Shots," by author, Sean Grover. Parent and family therapist Grover writes in his new book, that a generation or two ago, it would have been unthinkable for children to bully their parents, yet today everyone knows a parent who is bullied. (AMACOM via AP)

“If your child is pummeling you with demands and behaving disrespectfully, you’re not alone,” said Grover, author of the acclaimed parenting book When Kids Call the Shots. “It’s not at all uncommon for today’s kids and teens to boss their parents and even their teachers around. And it’s not only bad for the adults. Children who bully their parents suffer emotional, social and academic problems.”

The good news is that it’s never too late—or too early—to stop this behavior in its tracks and make parenting a pleasure again.
Grover, who has been featured on The Today Show and in Publisher’s Weekly and U.S. News & World Report, will provide practical, empowering and motivating advice to parents of children of
all ages on how to stop surrendering their parenting role to their children and better manage their own fears and anxieties by providing stronger leadership in their family. “When parents regain control, everyone benefits,” said Grover.

His workshop will cover many topics of interest, including:
• Learning how your own history shapes your parenting choices
• Identifying your parenting style and fortifying your leadership
• Discovering the three most common bullying styles among children
• Seeing how family or school dilemmas often trigger bullying in children
• Gathering support and putting an end to disrespectful bully behaviors

Registration is required. Contact Nicole Oberheim at 516-626-1971, ext. 337, or email
to register.

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