Destination Long Island: Dune Point In Fire Island


While a day trip to Fire Island is nice, the only way to experience it fully is to stay for a few days. At the Dune Point Guest House, you can wake up facing the Atlantic Ocean and stroll along the white sand beaches of the idyllic barrier reef. 

Dune Point is located in Cherry Grove, “a no-stress community of flip flops, dancing shoes, burgers and bistros.” Founded in 1968, the guest house operated for more than 40 years under the original owner and today continues to serve new and returning guests.

By vacationing in Fire Island, you’ll have ample time to get a sense of each community and visit all of the main attractions. Sunken Forest National Park lies on the west end of the island, a rare ecological habitat that has been protected since 1966. As you spend an afternoon strolling through, you’ll feel far away from the ocean though the shore is only a stone’s throw away.

A smaller forest called The Pines lies to the east. Another wooded paradise, The Pines are perfect for a leisurely walk along the boardwalk.

Far from the hectic lifestyle of Long Island, Fire Island is a gem of a getaway. Spend your hours watching a spectacular sunset, dining in fine restaurants, stopping by friendly bars, dancing at a club, taking in a show or simply relaxing.

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