Denali: Professional-Grade Luxury


Since the late 1990s, the GMC Denali line of trucks has reigned supreme in the car world, first appearing in a version of the GMC Yukon. Car buyers have consistently ensured that the Denali has retained its spot at the top.

Rocky Dentici, GMC Showroom Manager, King O’Rourke in Smithtown

“Denali has maintained its popularity since 1999,” said GMC Showroom Manager, Rocky Dentici of King O’Rourke in Smithtown. “When people think of the Denali line, they think: precision, power, durability, professional-grade.”

Dentici said the quality and engineering make Denali trucks appealing. “Its style and the ride doesn’t even compare to other brands’ models,” he added.

His favorite GMC Denali is a current model pickup truck, the 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate. “It’s got a bigger engine, 22-inch wheels, power side steps.”

While not a Denali, Dentici shared his first memory of driving a GMC truck, “When I was 18 years old, I remember driving my grandfather’s 1960 GMC C-10 (Chevrolet); it was blue.” He recalled that was also the oldest GMC he had ever driven.

When we think of who drives a big, rugged American-made truck, we are quick to think tradesman, farmers, the blue-collar guy, but not so said Dentici.

GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate

So who drives that Denali truck, named after the nation’s tallest mountain (also known as Mt. McKinley in Alaska)?

“Denali is a popular truck on Long Island; people really love the Denali,” he said. “There is such a bigger variety of Denali owners, more and more each year.”

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