Defeating ‘Germie The Germ’ One Child At A Time

Dr. Kwasnik cleans the teeth of a young patient

Passes Dental Care educates children about dental health

It is always a good time to educate your children about oral hygiene and dental health. And what better way to get a child involved in taking care of their teeth than having a little fun?

For more than 40 years, Passes Dental Care has been working with North Hempstead residents and the surrounding communities, but this year, they wanted to do something different and give back to the community. By teaming up with the Head Start Program in Manhasset, Passes Dental Care gave children a day of free dentistry.

It wasn’t just about giving smiles to children and their families, it was educating them and getting involved. Dr. Harvey Passes told children the captivating story of “Germie the Germ,” a tale that educates children about why it’s important to keep their teeth clean and how to do so.

When Passes, Dr. Anna Kwasnik and staff members were asked how they felt about the day, dental assistant LaVanda stated, “I felt good inside and out. I always feel good doing acts of kindness from my heart. Especially with children because they don’t expect anything but what you give and for me that makes me want to give them more. Also, I had my team sharing this beautiful experience.”

A special thank you from the Passes Dental Care team to the Head Start Program, and to the parents and guardians of the children who participated in the event to help brush away Germie the Germ.

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