A Day In The Life Of Michael Conforto

(Photos by New York Mets)

The New York Mets “It Boy” Shares His Secrets

The New York Mets may have found their next “It Guy” in Michael Conforto. The 23-year-old left fielder is set to enter his first full-season with the Mets after last year’s whirlwind trip to the playoffs and World Series after his major league debut during a mid-summer call up from the minors. Conforto shows extreme potential to be an everyday, impact player. And after the Mets season opener against the Royals last week, Conforto may be seeing some more playing time.

LIW: What was it like to get the call to join the Mets last season?

Conforto: It was a great experience. I have a lot of really good teammates and great coaches. I took some things from a lot of different people, just learning more about hitting, in general the game of baseball. I soaked it in a little bit and I think it had a big impact on me late in the year.

(Photo by New York Mets)

LIW: Take me through your day as a player.

Conforto: My days in spring training are a little bit different than during the season, but I get up, have some breakfast when I get to the field, maybe jump in the hot tub to get warm, get in the cage and take a few swings…then it’s kind of all scheduled out from there.

LIW: What’s your diet like?

Conforto: My diet pretty much consists of what’s provided for us there. In the morning, it’s eggs, bacon, and a little bit of potatoes. I’ll have some greens with lunch, usually chicken breast is in there.

LIW: What do you credit your successful 2015 season to?

Conforto: There’s not one specific thing, but I’d say it’s just being ready when the opportunity was there. That was huge for this past year when some hype was coming around my name and I was kind of in the conversation of getting called up. Just making sure I was prepared and ready. I took advantage of the opportunity and then just being able to focus, lock in, and adapt when I needed to.

New York Mets LF Michael Conforto (30) makes catch and fires a throw to hom e plate in the sixth inning of a baseball game against the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field in New York, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015. (Gordon Donovan)
New York Mets Michael Conforto (Gordon Donovan)

LIW: What adjustments did you have to make coming up from the minor leagues?

Conforto: I had to get a little closer to the plate, make sure I was squared up to the pitcher a little bit more. The pitchers, they change their approach quicker than they do in the minor leagues. I think that goes with having more resources available in the majors as well. They can see my at-bats, they can see what I’m not hitting well, so I have to be able to change with the way that they’re throwing.

LIW: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Conforto: I would have to say Ken Griffey Jr. He was only in Seattle for a while when I was growing up, but the legacy he left…he was always one of my favorites being a guy who hit home runs. He was a great player.

LIW: What was it like to be on the World Series stage?

(Photo by New York Mets)
(Photo by New York Mets)

Conforto: It was the most exciting experience of my life. It was something I have always dreamed of, so I was very fortunate to be a part of it and actually play and have an impact and try to help our team win. There’s no other way to say it…it’s just the best four or five days of my life.

LIW: What did you take away from the World Series?

Conforto: I think I learned, especially towards the end of the season, you’re never out of a game, you never have a game locked up. I think the Royals showed us that late in the game, you can come back and you can finish off a game. I know they kind of put us on our heels at times, so that’s something we’ll take into this year.

LIW: What are you looking forward to this season?

Conforto: I’m excited to know where I’m going to be. Just the opportunity to get back to the World Series and help this team through the entire season and see what we can do as far as putting ourselves in the best position to get back there.

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