Cute & Cozy Holiday Décor Inspiration

Christmas Gnomes Pillow Cover, $27 at Pottery Barn

Aside from burning pine-scented candles and blasting your favorite holiday playlist, the easiest way to get into the holiday spirit is to deck out your home in festive accents. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or planning a casual movie marathon, don’t just settle for a plastic tree and ornaments. Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways to revamp your living space into a cute and cozy hangout just in time to entertain your friends and family for the holidays.

Festive Pillows

Fun pillows can instantly elevate any living space to magazine-cover-status. Affordable holiday-themed pillows can be found nearly everywhere during the holidays. And once you buy them, you can continue to reuse them every year to transform your family room or bedroom into a cozy winter wonderland without breaking the bank.

Wayfair tassel garland, $15.99 at Walmart

Tassel Garland

A modern twist on a classic holiday decoration, tassel garland is one of this season’s most popular holiday trends. String the metallic tassels along the mantle or the top of a doorway, or even let it dangle above the couch to instantly turn any space into the perfect holiday gathering spot.

Acorn string lights, $14.98 at Pier 1 Imports

Unique String Lights

Though classic white string lights never disappoint, there are so many other shapes to choose from these days that you shouldn’t settle for the standard. You can find string lights shaped like lightbulbs, snowflakes, bumblebees, fruits, flamingos, and more—no matter what style you hope to achieve, there are definitely string lights out there that will provide the perfect finishing touch.

Velvet and plaid bow decorative door hanger, $24.99 at Pier 1 Imports online

Ribbons and Bows

They’re not just for wrapping presents anymore. Large bows can be found at nearly any craft store and come in various textures ranging from burlap to lace. Hanging bows on door and window frames and kitchen cabinets is a simple way to add a little something extra to those blank spaces you just don’t know how to dress up.

Christmas Gnomes Pillow Cover, $27 at Pottery Barn

Cable Knit Blanket

Throwing a cable knit blanket over the edge of your couch is a small touch that can make a big impact. There’s something about the cable knit design that just screams “cozy by the fire.” Once your loved ones walk into your living room, they won’t be able to stop themselves from curling up on the rug and craving some hot cocoa.

Snow Leopard Faux Fur Stocking, $24.99 at Pier 1 Imports

Faux-Fur Stockings

If you want to combine cozy elements with a little bit of glam, a couple of white faux-fur stockings hanging from the mantle will serve as a perfect finishing touches to your room. It’s the ideal way to create a “cuddly, yet classy” atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.

A Bowl of Pinecones

Though the last thing we all want to do is brave the frigid December air, incorporating some natural elements into your home can truly help bring it to life. Collect about a dozen pinecones from your backyard and proudly display them in a large glass bowl to create an eye-catching coffee table centerpiece. Plus, it will make your room smell like pine trees.

Wayfair Stag Head, $31.99 at Walmart

Reindeer Bust

Reindeer are a timeless symbol of holiday spirit, and a mounted reindeer bust can either work as the statement piece of a holiday-themed gallery wall or on its own as a conversation starter for family and friends.

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