Cupcake Decorating For Spring


Each season has its own signature baking décor: summer, beach; fall, pumpkins; winter, holidays and snowmen; and finally spring, flowers, eggs and newborn animals. With the thought of these little creatures in mind and Easter candies on store shelves, spring cupcakes can be decorated with pastel icings and adorned with candy wildlife.

One base chocolate cupcake can be utilized to create a variety of different cupcake looks. The chocolate can act as dirt, as the baker carefully pipes on pastel green colored icing with a jagged icing tip to give the effect of grass. With the grass created, a yellow chick Peeps or purple bunny Peeps can sit atop the grass. Jelly beans with a splatter of color can sit atop the grass to look like eggs. If you want to get a little extra fancy, pipe on some brown colored icing with a small circular tip to give the effect of a nest before dropping on the jelly beans. Bakers can even create a butterfly using candies to sit atop the little cakes. Use white chocolate-covered pretzels as the wings with four M&Ms as the body.

With that same chocolate cupcake, one can top it off with some chocolate icing and crushed Oreos. Coat a strawberry in orange colored white chocolate with a drizzle on top to make it look like a carrot and place it in the center of the cupcake. The chocolate cupcake can also accent swirled pastel yellow icing with a candy bee placed gently on the side.

Bunny cupcakes are a treat sure to wow a crowd and make them coo “aw.” On top of either a vanilla, chocolate or funfetti cupcake, pipe a mound of white frosting. Cut a marshmallow in half diagonally into two pieces and then dip the cut side of each piece into pink sugar to coat. Place these atop the frosting—sugar side up—to resemble ears. Gently push a pink jelly bean into frosting in front of the ears to form the nose and use tweezers to ease in brown sprinkles for the eyes.

Springtime means the blooming of flowers, so why not let a flower blossom on a cupcake? For a sunflower, decorators can pipe out petals along the edge of the cupcake with the small jagged tip tool and place mini chocolate chips in the center to act as seeds. There are many other potential flower options from roses to hydrangeas, with step-by-step videos showing bakers the perfect piping techniques.

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