A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet


grooming_aNot only does grooming your pet keep them good-looking to find that special someone when they are taking a stroll around the block, grooming keeps your pet clean and healthy. Grooming dogs, cats and other pet animals is important to maintain their physical health.

“Pet grooming is not only for cute haircuts and pink bows,” said Joshua Kaiser of PetPass Mobile Grooming. “Just like you or me, animals have skin that requires cleansing and conditioning, hair and nails that need trimming, ears that need cleaning and teeth that need brushing in order to remain healthy and happy. Cats too!”

Make sure you begin grooming your pet from when they are young, so they are less likely to have an aversion to the brushes or nail clippers. Whether you decide to groom your pet yourself, have a service come to your home or bring your pet to a grooming salon, it is best not to wait. Assimilating your dog or cat to the grooming process early usually allows them to be better behaved so mistakes and injuries can be avoided.

For dogs, brushing allows you to remove dead hair, dandruff and dirt. For cats and dogs, brushing is a means of spreading their natural oils to maintain the health of their skin and fur. It also enables you to routinely check for parasites such as fleas or skin abnormalities for both animals. Brushing prevents the matting of fur as well. The ears of dogs should be checked and cleaned to prevent infections and buildups of wax. Cutting your cat’s or dog’s nails is important so that the nails don’t grow into the pads of their paws. It is equally critical to brush your cat or dog’s teeth regularly to prevent a buildup of plaque or gingivitis.

If you are grooming your pet at home, be sure to check with a veterinarian or groomer to find out what tools are best to use on your specific animal and its breed. Also discuss the best shampoos, conditioners, wipes or tear stain removers for your specific pet.

“Knowing what products to use and when can be important,” said Kaiser. “Products with naturally occurring antioxidants as ingredients, blueberry or acai berries for instance, are helpful when trying to remove tear stains and brighten animals with white coats, while products with tea tree oil soothe irritated skin.”

When grooming your pet, there are always options. You can do it yourself at home, but always be sure to check with your veterinarian regarding tools and products.

There are also self-service grooming storefronts which allow you to use tubs and grooming tools for a fee. Woofer Wash is located in Garden City South at 259 Nassau Blvd. The self-service groomer offers tubs with ramps, professional sprayers and air dryers for a fee of $18 per pet for the first half hour. Each additional half hour is $10. The store provides shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, brushes, bio-groom ear cleaner and towels free of charge. For more information, call 516-538-3440.

For full-service grooming, you can try out the Petco or PetSmart chains. However, if you prefer a local groomer, New Hyde Bark is located at 405 Jericho Tpke. in New Hyde Park.

They provide full-service grooming including an oatmeal bath with conditioner, haircut and styling, nail cutting, ear cleaning, tooth brushing and anal gland expression. Price varies based on the weight and size of the dog. Call 516-775-7297 for more information.

If you don’t want to leave your pet at a salon, mobile groomers are always an option. PetPass Mobile Grooming offers a variety of services delivered right to your home. With “Trim & Proper” and “UPPER Class” services, the mobile company can provide anything from a simple cleaning to a blueberry facial and a schwag bag of goodies. You have the choice of date, time and products used on your pet. Prices vary based on pet and services requested. For more information, call 844-934-7666 or visit www.petpassgrooming.com.

Grooming is an integral part of your pet’s health and will keep them looking fresh for their friends. Whether you groom them at home, take them to a self-service store, drop them at a pet spa, or use a mobile service, your pet will thank you for keeping them clean and healthy.

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