A Christmas Miracle For Sandy Claws


One week after sharing her story this very special calico found her furever home during the Christmas season this year.

You might remember Sandy Claws, the overlooked calico, and Little Shelter’s quest to find her a home by Christmas. They are happy to announce that she has been adopted and went to her new home this past Wednesday.

Less than three hours after an email went out the morning of the 21st, Little Shelter received a call from a previous adopter inquiring if Sandy was still available and wanting to give her a furever home.

“The email absolutely tore at my heart… My boyfriend and I have been looking to adopt a cat and we feel like Sandy Claws would be a great fit!” stated Amanda, Sandy Claws’s new owner.

It was a very happy day at Little Shelter. The staff and volunteers who had bonded with the little calico came to say goodbye. Many of her friends came to see Sandy Claws leave Little Shelter to start her new life only a few short days after Christmas. She will be spending New Years with her new family and furry sibling, Cosmo the dog, who is also a Little Shelter alum.

“We are so happy for Sandy and her new family and wish them all the best in the next year and the years after!” a Little Shelter spokesperson said. “Thank you everyone who helped share her story!”

Sandy’s adoption is just one of Little Shelter’s success stories thanks to supporters. 

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