Children In Need Receive Warm Delivery

Bob Eslick, executive director, Kids Helping Kids by Kids Way Inc. (third from left) delivers hundreds of winter coats and apparel to EAC Network staff to distribute to at-risk children and youth across Long Island and NYC.

Thanks to the generosity of Kids Helping Kids by Kids Way Inc., hundreds of children in need from all walks of life across Long Island and New York City will stay warm this winter. EAC Network received yet another incredible donation of winter coats for local kids from the decades-old organization led by Bob Eslick and founded by his sons Robert and Philip in 1997.

“As one of a select few recipients of the Making a Warmth of Difference winter apparel drive, EAC Network could not be more grateful to Bob and Kids Helping Kids for all they do to help the children we serve,” Lance W. Elder, president and CEO at EAC Network, said. “Every year, their support is bigger and better, and this year is no exception. Thank you.”

The children who will receive the winter coats among EAC Network’s programs include children who have been abused, who are in foster care, who have been sexually exploited, or who have a parent that may be struggling with substance abuse, mental illness, or financial instability.

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EAC Network is a diverse nonprofit human service agency that empowers, assists and cares for more than 82,000 children, families and seniors in crisis across Long Island and New York City. Among those they help are children who have been abused or who are in foster care, people struggling with addiction or mental illness, vulnerable seniors, individuals seeking gainful employment and more. For more information, visit the EAC Network at, call 516-539-0150 or find the organization on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @EACNet.

—Submitted by the EAC Network

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