Cheap and Easy Halloween Decorations

Everyone knows that when it comes to Holiday decorations, Christmas is the time of year to drop the big bucks… not Halloween. But, don’t fear there are some ways that you too can have an absolutely terrifying display for next to nothing.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

1) Tombstone With Hand Coming Out
A Halloween classic… and you don’t even need to spend a dime. All you will need is a cardboard box from the Post Office, a sharpie marker, 2 or more tent stakes, a can of ‘stone’ colored spray paint and a single glove.

First, take the cardboard and cutout a rounded tombstone shape. Next, take your spray paint and color the tombstone. Once the paint is dry, take your sharpie and write something like “Here lies five-finger Freddy” or something else—it’s really up to you. Once that is done, stake the cardboard box in the ground. Now that you have your grave all set up, take one of the tent stakes and stick it in front of the grave. Then, just place your glove onto the stake and voila… you’re very own, graveyard.

2) Freaky Furniture
All you will need for this one is some long cheesecloth and a pair of scissors. Take the cheese cloth and cut it for a frayed ghostly look. Once done, drape the cloth over any piece of furniture to give your home a haunted decor.

3) Head in a Jar
For those who are more tech savvy, making your own Halloween head in a jar is a sinch. First, start by taking two photos—a portrait and a profile—of any one person. Next, using photo editing software, overlap the pictures so that the person’s face appears center and then print.

Before placing the person’s photo in the jar, make sure to laminate it, as it will get wet. Once that’s done, fill your jar with water and food coloring before rolling up the photo and sticking it in the jar. Now… freak out your friends and family with your very own preserved head in a jar.

4) Potions and Poisons
Recycle glass bottles into spooky Halloween decor. All you will need is some black spray paint, old wine corks and sticker paper to transform any room into a Witch’s lair. First, make sure that any label has been completely removed before you begin painting.

Next, using either black matte spray paint or metallic silver, spray the bottles and then let them dry. Once dried, cut off a piece of sticker paper and label it something scary like ‘arsenic’ or ‘formaldehyde.’ Lastly, stick a cork in the top and just like that you have your very own potion set.

5) Flying Bats
A fun decoration for children of all ages, fill your yard with these scary bloodsuckers without even leaving the house. All you will need is some construction paper (or recycled foam), a hole-punch and some fishing line.

Using construction paper or recycled foam, cut out your very own bat design. Next, you will need to punch a hole at the very end of the bat. Next, slide six to 12 inches of fishing line through the hole and knot it. Once you’ve got that done, go outside and hang your bats from the nearest low hanging branch.

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