Central Island Healthcare Guides Residents Through VIRTU-WELL Reality


Residents at Central Island Healthcare recently experienced virtual reality when VIRTU-WELL Reality visited the facility.

VIRTU-WELL is the first therapeutic program of its kind using custom-configured technology to deliver high-quality virtual reality experiences to older adults who live in healthcare facilities. These virtual reality journeys are therapeutic and person-centered and can be adapted to the specific needs of residents. Residents experienced touring Italy and Hawaii, driving a race car, singing in a choir and going on a trip to Austria. Residents were amazed at how realistic these journeys were. Resident superlatives such as fantastic, beautiful, gorgeous and striking were used to describe these expeditions.

“We are continually seeking innovative ways to care for our residents via modern technology that provide positive outcomes,” said administrator Arthur Boden.
Virtual reality tours may be effective in reducing pain, decreasing depression, combating boredom, providing entertainment and lessening stress.

—Submitted by Central Island Healthcare

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