Carvel To Offer Two New Products For Father’s Day 2019


This Father’s Day, Carvel Ice Cream is offering two new products displaying the company’s mascot, Fudgie the Whale, as part of its Father’s Day initiative.

On June 16, all full-service Carvel Ice Cream stores will offer a free Fudgie the Whale hat with the purchase of a Fudgie the Whale cake. Collaborating with the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company for the third time, Carvel also announced the rerelease of its Fudgie the Beer drink beginning on June 10.

Nicolle Dubose, senior director of brand marketing at Carvel, said the promotions were created to recognize both fathers and Carvel’s 85th birthday through the Fudgie the Whale mascot.

“When we think Father’s Day here at Carvel, we think about our beloved fathers and our beloved Fudgie the Whale,“ Dubose said. “For over forty years, our iconic and loveable Fudgie the Whale has been part of celebrations big and small all across the country, for Father’s Day and beyond.”

Originally created as a Father’s Day dessert in 1977, the Fudgie the Whale cake displayed the words, “For a Whale of a Dad,” and has since become intertwined with the celebration of Father’s Day, according to the release. Dubose said that relationship prompted this year’s promotion.

“We wanted to give our fans the opportunity to have Fudgie around in more ways than one—a cake, a swaggy hat and a delicious brew,” Dubose said.

The Fudgie the Beer drinks are currently available for pre-order before hitting store shelves along the east coast wherever Captain Lawrence is sold. Brewed with Carvel’s chocolate ‘crunchies,’ fudge and ice cream, the beer sold out twice during Father’s Day last year, according to the release.

The Fudgie the Beer is also not the first brew Captain Lawrence has paired with Carvel to create. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day last month, Captain Lawrence released a ‘Cookie O’Puss Pastry Stout’ along with a “Cookie Puss Milkshake IPA,’ according to the release.

“With the release of each separate product, Carvel and Captain Lawrence Brewing work closely to ensure that Carvel’s iconic flavors and ingredients are used in the brewing process to create the crispest, freshest and most delicious beers possible,” the release states.

The blue Fudgie the Whale hats feature the classic whale logo etched across the front and will remain available in all Carvel locations while supplies last on Father’s Day this year.

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