Car Organization Ideas To Avoid Clutter On Wheels

Car organization
Use a “grip it” shelf or drawer liner on your dashboard. You can buy much more than you need for about $3 a roll. It will cling to your dashboard, and you can then “stick” your phone or sunglasses to it.

No one wants to drive to work or school in a car overloaded with clutter. It just adds stress to the start of your day, and who needs that.

Ever car is different so when you come to organize yours, look at why it is cluttered and then decide how you can fix the problem. Think about what you have trouble finding, as well as what doesn’t need to be in your car.

My two main problem areas were having nowhere easily accessible to put rubbish and not having enough hands to carry things that accumulate in the car back into the house. Both were easily resolved with a plastic carrier bag.

Here are some helpful car organizing tips:

• Whenever you introduce a new item into your car, take one out. Items where this rule would easily apply are things like CDs. Keep five in the car, and then swap them out with new ones. Don’t just add to the pile.

• Keep a spare bag in the car to collect the items that accumulate, so you can carry them into the house easily.

• Get your kids into the habit of returning toys they take into the car back into the house. My son is a major contributor to the clutter in the car, so I am going to implement this from now on.

• Do something with those loose coins that are in the car. I currently keep a just a few coins in the cup holder but you could make a little coin pouch and velcro it underneath the seat or somewhere else a bit more out of sight.

Use those storage solutions that are already built into your car. You may find that you have plenty of little cubbies to use to store things without needing to buy any organizers. We have a sunglasses holder, and we’ve never lost our sunglasses since using it. How about the center console? Most are pretty small, but a notepad and pen and a few tissues or baby wipes will never go amiss.

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