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Pansy and Bee by Sean Kenney (
Pansy and Bee by Sean Kenney (

Strengthen your creative muscle and let your imagination run free with these two new books, featuring LEGO building bricks.

Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

books_aScenes from nature spring to life in Mike Doyle’s latest curated collection of LEGO art, Beautiful LEGO: Wild! From botanical marvels to adorable critters—such as a sea otter family made from 3,500 LEGO pieces—every page is sure to delight the artist and naturalist in all of us.

Interviews with LEGO masters from around the world give you a glimpse into the inspiration behind these incredible works of art. Discover amazing landscapes, insects, mythical creatures and more.

Doyle is an internationally acclaimed LEGO artist and known for his stunningly realistic, grand-scale designs. His award-winning Abandoned House series has been showcased at Gallery1988 in LA and Boston’s Museum of Realist Art. His largest piece to date is Contact I—a 6×6-foot masterwork built from more than 200,000 LEGO elements. When not constructing LEGO art, Doyle works as a graphic designer ($24.95).

Tiny LEGO Wonders

books_bIn this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to build 40 miniature models of race cars, airplanes, ships, trains and more. These fun, compact designs will inspire you to get creative with as few as nine LEGO pieces. Imagine what you can build with just a handful of LEGO bricks—almost anything.

In Tiny LEGO Wonders ($24.95), you’ll create miniscale models of real vehicles like:

• A space shuttle
• Jets, planes and helicopters
• Flatbed trucks and cement mixers
• France’s high-speed TGV train
• F1 racecars
• Muscle cars
• Cargo, cruise, wooden ships and more

Author Mattia Zamboni is a fan of computer graphics, photography and LEGO. He works as a researcher in the robotics lab at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland. Check out his work at

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