Buick Specialist Talks Brand Quality


Quiet tuning, luxury, performance, power, style and quality are a few of the words used to describe the classic Buick brand. Anton Media Group spoke with Rob Schappert, a Buick specialist at King O’Rourke Auto Group in Smithtown, about what the brand means to him and how he perceives the impression that the brand makes on first-time, as well as brand-loyal, customers.

“A Buick is a quality car,” said Schappert, who has been selling Buicks for more than 10 years. “Their quality is unique and they’re luxurious and that’s what makes many people remain so loyal to the brand.”

Schappert said that it’s surprising to see that Buick’s stereotype as an “older person’s” car just isn’t true anymore.

He said Buick is capturing a younger generation and giving the older crowd a reason to continue returning to the car they love.

Rob Schappert

“It’s hard to pinpoint Buick’s demographics anymore,” he said. “And people are surprised when they test drive the new Buicks, always asking me if the car is even running; the Buick is super quiet thanks to the design, its sound-deadening material and double-insulated glass.”

He shared a story about his most favorite Buick. It was a 1987 Buick Grand National.

“It’s a super-charged 3.8 liter, V6 engine,” said Schappert. “It was one of the most popular muscle cars in the ’80s.” But that’s not the oldest Buick he’s ever driven. “How about
a 1954 Buick Supra Convertible,” said Schappert. “It was a big yellow boat, owned by someone I used to work for.”

King O’Rourke, one of the leading Buick dealership on Long Island, is located at 756 Smithtown Bypass in Smithtown.

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