BSN In 10 Becomes Law In New York State


As of Dec. 19, 2017, the legislation for “BSN in 10” has been signed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. Future licensed nurses will now be required to earn their BSN degree within 10 years of their initial licensure.

Following years of lobbying and promotion by national and regional nursing organizations, including the American Nurses’ Association and many nursing programs in higher education, the New York State legislature has recognized the complexity of the nurses’ role and the educational foundation necessary to function as a full member of the interdisciplinary and collaborative healthcare team.

“Nurses will now be better prepared to meet the multiple challenges within the rapidly changing healthcare system,” said Cheryle G. Levitt, PhD, RN, Professor, School of Nursing.
Current RNs and nursing students already enrolled in associate or diploma programs will be grandfathered into the law, meaning it does not apply, however employment conditions will continue to advance to require the BSN degree as the entry level for basic positions.

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