Bringing International Students To Long Island



Ever wonder how you could share the Long Island experience with a student from another country? Ever wonder how you could learn more about another country without leaving Long Island? The same answer addresses both of these exciting questions—host an international high school student now. They will all be placed throughout the United States by Aug. 31.  Let’s keep some of them here on Long Island.

What does it take to host a student from this program? Host families come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share one thing in common—the excitement of bringing in an international student as another member of the family and attending their district public high school. So here are the typical questions:

Where do they come from?
More than 48 countries and they come fully insured, including a medical policy.

How long do they stay?
Five months, 10 months or 12 month programs.

How old are they?
Fifteen to 18½ years old.

Do they speak English?
Yes, they have all gone through an English proficiency test, are prescreened and have to apply for the programs. They have to maintain a C average and carry at least four academic classes.

What about the school?
The school has to agree to accept the student and he/she will be treated like any other student, including counting in enrollment numbers.

InternationalStudents_081415CSo what does it take to be a host family?
They share the following traits:
Interested—Interested in sharing our culture with the student.
Involved—Encouraging and helpful.
Responsible—Mature and stable.
Understanding, patient and accepting in sharing our culture and learning about the student’s culture.
Room enough for a student’s bed—can share a room with a family member of the same gender.

So, what is the experience and how does it change lives?
Here are some YouTube videos:
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So, how do you begin?
Visit the link to becoming a host family:
-host-student.cfm. ISE host families are volunteers, with many hosting year after year. Our blog is loaded with stories and photos from years of successful placements. Please take a look around and see some of the tremendous accomplishments made possible by this program.

International Student Exchange (ISE) is a nonprofit organization that helps to bridge the gap between American families and cultures of the world. By promoting cultural understanding and education, ISE’s mission is to help the many different nations of the world find common ground and diplomatic paths to world peace.

Located in Babylon, ISE has been working for more than 30 years to offer students from more than 45 different countries quality homes and education in the United States. As a sponsor for the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa ISE puts students who participate in the program in accredited schools, with qualified families interested in learning about different ways of life.

—Submitted by the International Student Exchange


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