BOCES Students Learn Important Lesson About Cyberbullying


More than 100 Nassau BOCES Barry Tech students from the school’s healthcare classes came together recently for an anti-cyberbully workshop. Cyberbullying remains a hot topic since recent reports claim that 43 percent of teenagers have been bullied online over the past year.

These statistics prompted students and staff to view the movie, Cyberbully, and reflect on how the issue affects them in their everyday digital lives. Students referred to a specially created movie viewing guide as they watched the video, which was followed by a discussion led by the school’s social worker, Nancy Tuck. The students were given a list of resources and information was distributed about cyberbullying, its effects on others and what to do if you are a victim.

“The film sparked conversation among our students,” said Barry Tech Assistant Principal Dr. William Poll. “Students talked about ways to handle cyberbullying situations, while our social worker provided resources and strategies for this challenge that students face every day.”

Barry Tech Physical Therapy Aide Teacher Dr. Michelle Fattore was instrumental in bringing the program to the school. “I think it’s important to remind students of their responsibility when they post anything on the internet,” said Fattore. “They need to know the ramifications of posting negative comments, as well as the resources available to them if they become a victim of cyberbullying.”

Poll said, “Barry Tech is a bully-free zone and the health care classes are passionate about stomping out bullying.”

The workshop launched a school-wide campaign. Students left their colorful hand prints on banners to be displayed around the school stating their commitment to keeping Barry Tech a bully-free zone.

“Barry Tech is a safe environment where I feel safe and I can express myself,” said Barry Tech Physical Therapy Aide and Rehabilitation Medicine student Veronica Scruggs, from the Bethpage UFSD.

Visit for more information about cyberbullying.

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