BOCES Students Earn Math Medals


Kalfus Long Island Math Fair winnersSix students from the Nassau BOCES Doshi STEM Institute earned medals in the final round of the Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair at Hofstra University recently. In preparation for the fair, the teenage mathematicians conducted extensive research on advanced mathematical concepts and presented them at the institute’s math fair. Competitors at the fair were required to defend and explain their research before a panel of judges consisting of teachers, college professors and other professionals through PowerPoint presentations, posters and other materials.

“By participating in this Math Fair, our students get to go head-to-head with top Math students across Long Island,” says Jack Lenson, interim principal of Nassau BOCES Doshi STEM Institute. “The work they put into their presentations demonstrates their command of mathematical research and conceptual thinking.”

Nassau BOCES Doshi STEM Institute silver medalists and their presentations are:

• Jack Cecere, Malverne UFSD, “The Math Behind a Rubik’s Cube”
• Nabil Chowdhury, Hicksville UFSD, “Exploration of the Frog Puzzle and Variances”
• Manpreet Kaur, Hicksville UFSD, “The Mathematics Behind Ice Skating”
• Sonali Malhotra, Hicksville UFSD, “The Mathematics in Structural Design”

Nassau BOCES Doshi STEM Institute bronze medalists and their presentations are:

• Nelson Chow, Malverne UFSD, “Math Involved in Swimming”
• Michal Lewkowicz, Hicksville UFSD, “Gravity”

The Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair is a gateway for students interested in the mathematics field to delve into topics outside of the conventional mathematics curriculum. It also allows for elite students to be granted the opportunity to create innovative mathematics for themselves and others. The Math Fair also gives students the opportunity to cultivate their “math power,” and the ability to investigate one topic and have the confidence to defend their work.

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