Bling In The New Year


Twinkling lights and sparkling snow are made that much more beautiful when Santa puts shiny jewelry under the tree. At John Hardy, artisans know a thing or two about exquisite pieces, combining the duality of tradition and innovation, mastery and modernity and the universal and the personal.

John Hardy’s reversible classic chain customizable bracelets are hand-woven in Bali, using ancient chain weaving techniques, finished with raw stones (there are 21 colors to choose from). Inlaid for their healing, energizing, grounding, and enlightening properties, rare gems amplify your presence, connecting you at once to the power of creative expression and the power of your truth. The styles range in price between $995 to $4,595, depending on the particular stones chosen. They are available in all silver or silver and gold, creating two completely different looks that can be worn.

The brand just launched their first collection for FW17 by Creative Director, Hollie Bonneville Barden, whose inaugural collection features a redesigned Naga motif (the brand’s legendary dragon icon). The strong, powerful silhouette is represented across key pieces including sculptural chokers, artistic coils and unexpected rings. The collection also features an expansion of the chevron-style Modern Chain collection, with highlight pieces including art deco-inspired drop earrings and cocktail rings and gold-capped wide cuffs.

Barden, who took the helm in 2016, is the first woman to embody the role for John Hardy.

“My exploration of Naga was, in a way, a unique journey of discovering Bali,” she said of her design process. “Through my creative process, I uncovered that, beyond the Naga myth, Balinese folklore depicts the Naga as an embodiment of different natural spirits—the earth, the ocean and the sky, representing the elements of natural phenomena and its raw beauty. To me, this concept of duality is universal.”

The collection prominently showcases stones such as golden sheen sapphire, silver sheen obsidian, and bi-color amethyst as the ultimate symbols of nature’s elemental strength, transmitted to the wearer.

“I selected the stones not just for their suggestion of power, drama, the fascination of light and color—but the power of creation they represent. I wanted to show nature’s strength through creation,” said Barden. “Working closely with the brand’s artisans helped me grasp a greater understanding of the spirit of Naga in artwork and carved expression. I’ve found that carving is one of the strongest and most important ties between myself and the artisan community.”

The collection is available worldwide at select retailers and at These pieces of jewelry are so unique and glamorous that even if they were a last-minute gift idea, no one will ever know.

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