Bite-Sized Desserts


Sampling sweets with just a little taste

For some time now, bite-sized treats have been a popular mainstay at dessert tables. Cupcakes, macarons, truffles, cookies and cake pops. They’re fun size satisfies that sweet tooth craving without feeling the pressure of devouring an entire slice of cake. Bite-sized desserts are also visually appealing in their cuteness and for those who can’t eat just one, stocking up on four or five isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Petit Fours

The perfect little cake to have with tea, petit fours originated in France. The term actually means “small oven” and these petite cakes usually consist of a butter cake (or pound cake) base, are filled with jam or lemon curd and then coated with icing. Sugar decorations or sprinkles add a final touch for presentation. Dortoni also has a variety of the tiny square cakes in the case and often specialize their colors to fit the season or holiday.


Not many people have a taste for marzipan, which is made of sugar, egg whites and almond flour. Some people add other ingredients like almond extract for more flavor, depending on your affinity for almonds. If you are a lover of marzipan, consider a box from the bakery. Most marzipan is created in the shapes of vegetables and fruit like strawberries, lemons and oranges, but can also be shaped into figures and flowers.

Dessert Shooters

Whoever thought of replacing alcohol with dessert in shot glasses was one sweet genius. Dessert shooters have become extremely popular desserts at restaurants and parties as the perfect ending to your meal. Miniature versions of tiramisu, chocolate cake, cannoli, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla and chocolate mousses, fruit tarts, s’mores and pudding pie, key lime and lemon meringue pie have all been transformed into mere spoonfuls of sweetness. Kids love them, they’re super easy to make and visually appealing when presented to guests.


Another sweet gift from the French is the macaron. Not to be confused with “macaroon,” which is the chewy coconut version of the popable treat, macarons are delicate cookie sandwiches made from almond flour and filled with ganache, jam or buttercream. More often than not you will find exotic flavors of macarons such as lychee, persimmon, black currant, lemon, passion fruit, sea salt caramel and white chocolate. A bit pricey because of the work that goes into them, but worth it if you are looking for an alternative to a cookie.


Miniature cheesecakes were designed for one person and one person only to enjoy. Of course you could share it, but when it is shaped and decorated just the average size cheesecake (and probably comes out to the equivalence of one slice anyway), you’re not going to want to take more than one fork to it. Popular varieties include regular vanilla cheesecake, chocolate, marble and fruit cheesecake and can be topped with fresh fruit or a fruit glaze.

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