Bideawee Valentine’s Day Cuddle Dispatch


Kittens & Puppies 08_05_ccnanBideawee, a leading pet adoption and animal welfare organization, announces its 2016 “Valentine’s Day Holiday Cuddle Dispatch” on Long Island. Companies and businesses can surprise employees by having Bideawee puppies and kittens arrive at their offices for cuddle time to share Valentine love.

Corporations that make a charitable donation to Bideawee will offer employees one-on-one time for pet play at their designated office locations. Contributions to the Bideawee Valentine Cuddle Dispatch also will enable Bideawee to transport the adoptable pets to schools and special needs facilities throughout the area.

kitten_and_puppy_by_knightadzDATES &
TIME SLOTS AVAILABLE: Thursday, Feb. 11, and Friday, Feb. 12, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

CHARITABLE DONATIONS: $ 50 for 15 minute cuddle time; $100 for 30 minute cuddle time.


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