Best Team Uniforms: NBA Edition


One of the most significant revenue streams for NBA teams is the lucrative profits that come from fans plunking down money for team jerseys. Last year, we took a look at some of the worst offenders National Basketball Association owners had to offer. In the spirit of the new year, we offer up some of the best unis in our humble opinion, in no particular order.

Atlanta Hawks (Road, 1982-1992)

The former Buffalo Bisons may not have won a title in 57 years, but for most of Hall of Fame small forward Dominque Wilkens’ (above) career of being a human highlight film, the Hawks styled on the court. While Torch Red remains a primary color, gold and white gave way to Volt Green and Georgia Granite Gray.

Seattle Supersonics (Road, 1985-1995)

Currently toiling away as the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Sonics have a rich history and a 1979 championship under their belts. Couple it with this stellar collision of green, gold and white that was sported by the likes of Shawn Kemp, Nate McMillan (right), Spencer Haywood, Gary Payton, Lenny Wilkens and Kevin Durant.

Detroit Pistons (Road, 1995-2001)

True Pistons fans will always look back fondly on the late 1980s Bad Boys era, but for the 1990s, the arrival of small forward Grant Hill (above) also coincided with a change from traditional red and blue to teal, burgundy, gold and black road unis complete with a chess piece logo that proved to be gaudy and great.

New Jersey Nets (Home, 1970-1990)

For the better part of two decades, the Nets embraced the patriotic red, white and blue combination of the American Basketball Association, an affectation that not only followed them from their nomadic wanderings from Long Island to New Jersey, but when the ABA and NBA finally merged in 1976.

Portland Trail Blazers (Home, 1985-1991)

Four decades after being champions in 1977, the Blazers’ stellar combination of red, black, silver and white and the franchise’s classic pinwheel logo always made for one of the league’s classier jerseys. Lowercase bubble lettering on these particular unis give them that much more of a vintage vibe.

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