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Dr. Deborah Bedor, college admissions guru and coach to some of the nation’s top student minds and leaders, has released her new book, Getting In by Standing Out: The New Rules for Admission to America’s Best Colleges.

“The book guides students smoothly, creatively and authentically through their high school years in preparation for leadership and acceptance into their best fit university,” said Bedor of East Hills. “It energizes students to make the most of some of the best years of their lives.”

Claes Nobel, chair of the National Society of High School Scholars and senior member of the Nobel Family, recently praised Bedor’s guidebook, saying, “As a strong believer in the power of youth, I am delighted that this guide is available to our young people to help them access the education and experience they need to fulfill their dreams.”

The truth in today’s admission “market” is that the majority of applicants have great test scores and GPAs.

Richard Rossi, founder of The Congress of Future Medical Leaders and The Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders said, “Dr. Bedor has written the seminal field manual for the new reality of college admissions.”

Bedor highlights the diverse ways that students can develop opportunities beyond the walls of their high school to forge a meaningful journey and set themselves apart in the admissions office and in life.

Dr. Deborah Bedor
Dr. Deborah Bedor

“Applying to college is a highly stressful and confusing process for many families,” said Bedor. “As requirements continually change, there is additional pressure on students to take the right classes, engage in the right extracurricular activities and focus solely on the things that will make them most attractive to the schools of their choice.”

Getting In By Standing Out: The New Rules for Admission to America’s Best Colleges is available at and other online retailers. Bedor has been the coach and advisor to Ivy, top-tier and celebrity pre-college students for the past 25 years, guiding them to acceptance into the nation’s finest universities. Bedor is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude. Visit for more information about College Admission Central.


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