Beating Breast Cancer In Style


From survivor to consultant, Kimberly Jewett helps Athleta design a post-mastectomy bra

Following a mastectomy, women can use the Athleta Empower bra to feel comfortable while working out.

There is no simple way to put it: cancer is life-changing. Kimberly Jewett found that out more than once. The two-time breast cancer survivor and mother of two lead a busy life (she owns her own consulting firm, working alongside of Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies specifically in the oncology space), when breast cancer came knocking, and she slammed the door in its face.

“I was initially diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 31 years old. My daughter was 6 and my son was 4 and I had just come out of being the caregiver to my mother, who had brain cancer the year prior, so to say I was devastated and shocked is an understatement,” said Jewett, who underwent a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and six cycles of chemotherapy. “About three and half years later, my cancer recurred in my chest wall. I underwent more surgery, chemo and radiation, and all I could think about at the time was ‘would I be alive to raise my kids that were only 10 and 8 years old?’”

Today, Jewett is beyond blessed and grateful to say that she currently has no evidence of disease.

“I am six years out from my last recurrence and 10 years from my initial. Now, I spend my time giving back to others, and empowering other survivors to be their own best advocates,” said Jewett.

Throughout her incredible journey, wearing prosthetics and being “flat” were the least of Jewett’s concerns. She discovered and served as a consultant on the Athleta Empower Bra and Pads, which have completely changed her life.

“I cannot tell you how many times I sat in fitting rooms sobbing my eyes out because I was flat and could not find bras to fit me, especially when working out. It is uncomfortable to wear a sports bra as a “flattie” and the prosthesis are very hot and heavy, making it extremely burdensome to work out in,” she said. “When I shared my concerns and thoughts on a solution for not only myself, but for other women who also struggled with this issue, I never could have imagined that Athleta would come up with a resolution that has been life-changing.”

The post-mastectomy bra is suitable for women with A to C cups who engaged in medium and high-impact workouts. The lightweight, sleek and supportive compression offers a front zip (and internal zipper flap that prevents chafing) for easy wear. According to Jewett, since the launch of the Empower Pad and phase 2 of the Empower Bra, breast cancer survivors are excited beyond words.

“The messages have really been impactful, and I know first-hand because I do not even wear my prosthesis anymore,” she said. “My advice to other women affected by breast cancer is do not let this disease define you but rather inspire and empower you to help others—and encourage them to be their own best advocates in their health journey. Cancer has changed my life in so many ways, but I am here surviving and thriving every day of my life and I could not be more grateful.”

For more information on the revolutionary brand that is helping breast cancer survivors everywhere, visit The Empower Bra retails from $43.99 to $54.

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