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Loretta Lynn, the Great Pyrenees puppy, can’t wait to open her box of treats (Christy Hinko)

In less than one month, the rapid success of the newly launched dog treat business, Bark and Bones Bakery, has curious dog parents taking notice.

“I was looking at a variety of other things to do, to pivot into something else, another career direction,” William Ward, a 35-year newspaper industry professional said in response to the COVID pandemic over the past two years.

Harriet, the mini bull terrier, waits patiently for her treats. (Christy Hinko)

“Friends of mine and neighbors were all coming home with new dogs, some adopting, some fostering,” Ward said. “My wife and I took to hiking during COVID; we were passing people on the trails with their dogs.” He could see that pet ownership, particularly dogs was a growing trend and the perfect avenue for a new business.

“I’ve always had this great love for dogs; I grew up with dogs,” Ward said.

He started chatting with other dog owners, asking everyone he met about the treats that they offered to their dogs. Many of the answers he heard were less planned than he thought, many people simply said the treats they offered were simply selected based on a mindless shopping routine or that the treats were a popular brand. He learned that many did not know or understand the ingredients that are in some popular dog treats.

Loretta Lynn, the Great Pyrenees puppy, dives straight into her bag of Cheese & Bacon Chewies (Christy Hinko)

He would ask other dog parents what their dog liked, what their dog did not like, whether their dog had allergies to certain ingredients.

He began reading the labels on some of the popular treats in the pet aisle at the stores.
What he learned was that many of the treats are loaded with preservatives.
“I knew there had to be something better for dogs than that,” Ward said.

He began researching ingredients and searching for a reputable baker across the whole country. He found one, Pound Bakery/Pedigree Ovens of Harvard, IL, a baker who provides good quality treats that are not loaded with preservatives and are offered at a reasonable price.

Harriet, the mini bull terrier, cannot decide which snack to try first. (Christy Hinko)

Bark and Bones Bakery offers high quality treats made with natural, healthy ingredients like coconut oil, flaxseed, whole wheat flour with flavors like roast duck, cheddar, bacon, pork and apple.

“We treat our dogs like they are members of the family,” Ward said. “It was important to me to source the best possible product with high-quality ingredients and no artificial preservatives.”

The treats are all sourced and made in the U.S.A., something that is increasingly important to dog parents.

“I stand behind this product and I am proud of the ingredient choices,” Ward said.

Current flavors available are:

  • Chicken & Veggie Chewies
  • Granola Bars
  • Cheese & Bacon Chewies
  • Salmon & Coconut Ducks
  • Apple Crunch Hearts: Low Fat!
  • Peanut Butter & Quinoa: Grain Free
  • Pork & Apple Ducks
  • Peanut Butter Patties
  • Cheddar Bagels
  • Pizza Bones
  • Mini Cheddar Bones
  • Roast Duck: Grain-Free
Chicken & Veggie Chewies–Just like a bowl of chicken soup on a cold day, dogs love our chicken & veggie chewies made with honey, chicken, sweet potato and parsley.

A 12 oz. bag retails for $12. Seasonal flavors are queue up including a barbeque treat for summertime and a pumpkin flavored treat for autumn.

The packages contain caloric intake, ingredients and serving portion suggestions based on the weight of the dog.

“This is great especially if your dog has allergies,” Ward said. “We have treat designed for small dogs, big dogs, young dogs and older dogs, like soft or crunchy treats.”

The treats are available as single purchases, but bundles and subscriptions are available.

“Many our of initial customers are already reordering,” Ward said. “The pet is always right; if your dog doesn’t like our treats, we will offer you another treat or give you your money back.

The immediate success has given Ward some big plans and ambitious ideas for growing the business. Expect to see new products and marketing features from this brand soon.

For additional information about Bark and Bones Bakery products, visit or visit find them on Facebook and Instagram @barkandbonesbakery.


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