Barbara Silbert: About The Artist


A former art director, Barbara Silbert lives in Port Washington and is a past-president and current membership chairperson of the Manhasset Art Association.

“I used to paint from professional photographs, but came to realize over the years that to really be creative and original, the artist would be better served if the idea comes from within. Thus, I paint only from my own photographs, ‘en plein air’ or from a still life that I have created,” said Silbert of her work. “I am fortunate to be doing what I love, and to share it by teaching people of all ages.”

Barbara Silbert

Her cover art, “Maine Feast,” an oil, was painted after a lobster bake on Hog Island, ME.
“As an artist I’m always looking for interesting things to paint, and as I was finishing my delicious lobster dinner on Hog Island, ME—the culmination of a wonderful bird-watching trip—I observed how beautiful the colors were on the plate,” said Silbert. “There was a natural composition in elements of a lobster meal so I photographed it and painted it when I got back to my studio, the aromas and tastes still in my memory.”

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