Father Ralph Sommer

Pastor of St. Bernard's Church since 2013 and known for his engaging homilies and community presence, Father Ralph Sommer is also a treasured columnist for the Levittown Tribune.

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The Brown Lawns

Driving around suburbia these days it is clear to see who is watering their lawns and who is leaving it up to Mother Nature. “Mother”, it seems, has been neglecting this duty as a prolonged...

Column: Is Your Power Back?

It does involve a choice: sulk and wallow in anger or give that up and seek the joy of living again. 

Column: Being Quarantined Inside With Family Reveals Our Roots

As our hair roots begin to show the truth—for good or for bad—living in quarantine can show truths about ourselves and each other.

Column: To The Nurses Who Won’t Read This

So whether nurses and others in the healing profession see this or not, we ought to take the time to say “thank you.”

What Are Communions And Confirmations?

In the fifty days that follow the Christian feast of Easter, you may notice a number of parties springing up throughout the neighborhood. And if there isn’t a graduate being celebrated in that house, there’s...



Restore, Revive, Luxuriate At Julia Day Spa

The Miracle Mile’s Best Kept Secret With the on-the-go rush here, rush there, especially during the holidays, it is important to take time for yourself and...

Adelphi Breast Cancer Program Celebrates 40th Anniversary

As the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program celebrates its 40th anniversary, new leadership is at the helm. Reyna Machado of...

Fiesta! Celebrating Multi-Cultural Heroes During Hispanic Heritage Month

Deeply rich cultural celebrations burst forth during Hispanic Heritage Month, a national, festive observance of all things Hispanic from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15. During...

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Books

Federal Donuts: The (Partially) True Spectacular Story By Michael Solomonov, Steven Cook, Tom Henneman, Bob Logue and Felica D’Ambrosio (Hougton Mifflin Harcourt) Solomonov and Cook, two...

Modern American Masquerading As Steakhouse: Chef continues to awe with seasonal surprises

For more than 147 years, the Garden City Hotel has continuously delivered exceptional service and style. It’s a landmark and an iconic retreat beloved...