Nicholas Ferretti

Nicholas Ferretti is a reporter for Anton Media Group.

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Fierce Females In Film

While women in film are generally portrayed as either a sidekick or an object of affection for the male lead, there are several movies that feature women as empowered protagonists. These female characters break the...

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A 5K race is a popular event for both new and experienced runners. It is an excellent starting point for beginner runners or those in dire need of fitness motivation. If you are thinking about...

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

Laissez les bons temps rouler or “let the good times roll” in French is the most common expression heard during Mardi Gras. When you think of Mardi Gras you might imagine festive parades, decorative and colorful...



Re-Opening The Schools

Long Island’s Catholic elementary schools put students and families first In the mist of the conflicting information and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic that was prevalent...

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September Movie Previews

Labor Day Weekend signals the last hurrah of summer with kids eagerly awaiting the start of school. However, movie fans know that this also...

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Great Eight: Ivy Leagues Accept Elmont Teen

Elmont Memorial High School salutatorian Harold Ekeh has been accepted to all eight Ivy League schools. The high school senior, who has earned a...