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Grant Lally (R): ‘Why You Should Send Me To Congress’

There is a huge amount at stake in the November election, said Grant Lally. “This country is at a crossroads right now, and we have an opportunity to try to set things right,” said the Lloyd...

Steve Israel (D): ‘Why You Should Return Me To Congress’

Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) sees himself as “a relentless advocate for the middle class.” And he hopes voters in New York’s Third Congressional District agree and return him to Washington for another two-year term. In...

U.S. Congressman Peter King (R)


New York State Senate Candidate Adrienne Esposito (D)


U.S. Congressional Candidate Grant Lally (R)


New York State Senate Candidate Tom Croci (R)


New York State Senator Jack Martins (R)


New York State Senate Candidate Michael Venditto (R)


New York State Senate Candidate Dave Dennenburg (D)




Back-To-School Checklist for Families With Asthma

By Robert Silverman For the more than six million children living with asthma nationwide, gearing up for another school year involves much more than picking...

I Am Afraid

I am afraid to take a walk. I am afraid to take the subway. I am afraid to drive to work. I am afraid,...

Will tax and wage cuts improve our economy?

Sure, it’s a pretty simplistic pair of questions. It’s hard to reduce the complexity of these issues for the requirements of a multiple-choice poll....

Condolences to Family of Tom DiNapoli

The Nassau County Democratic Committee sends it's condolences to NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and his family on the passing of his father Nicholas "Nick"...

Best Books For Fall

The autumn season is hopefully rounding the corner, closing out a brutal summer. Soon will come the time when cozy sweaters, tea and a...