Joan Casanova

Joan Casanova writes for Green Earth Media.

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Strawberry Success

Homegrown strawberries are a billion times better tasting than the hard, rarely ripe, flavorless selection in the supermarket. Strawberries are cold-hardy and adaptable, making them one of the easiest berries to grow.  While most fruit trees...



Inside The Health Republic Fiasco

Last month, I fell through growing cracks in the health insurance system, right into the gears. Health Republic of New York (HRNY) was the nonprofit...

Senior Life—Full Issue—Nov. 2, 2016

A Salty, But Sweet Summer Spice

Wine in your glass, wine in your food, and now, wine infused spices to accompany your meal. What will they think of next? Jacobsen Salt...

Americana Manhasset’s Annual Holiday Shopping Benefit Celebrates 25 Years

Long Island’s largest holiday shopping benefit, Champions for Charity, takes place Thursday, Dec. 3 through Saturday, Dec. 5 at Americana Manhasset. During these three...