David Bernstein

David Bernstein, MD, is a columnist for Long Island Weekly and chief of gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition at North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

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How COVID-19 Can Affect The Liver

The question always arises regarding COVID and the liver. While COVID causes abnormal liver tests in more than half of infected patients, the vast majority have no long-term liver sequalae. What has affected the liver...

How Does Your Skin Look?

The skin is the window to the body and many systemic diseases manifest with specific skin findings. Many liver problems will manifest on the skin and an astute observer can diagnosis liver conditions by carefully...

Abnormal Liver Tests Explained

The most common reason for abnormal liver tests in the United States are fatty liver and medication induced liver injury. People with underlying liver diseases may be at greater risk of this but many times,...

Pandemic Leads To Increased Alcohol Consumption 

Whether this increased use is a result of boredom, depression or “internet” cocktail parties, the effects being seen in the medical community are dramatic.

Can Coffee Benefit Your Liver? 

Coffee has been shown to have numerous medical benefits.

Fewer Hospital Admissions For  Common Health Issues 

What happened to non-COVID conditions in the COVID-era? 

The Specialist: In Support Of Health Care Workers

The American healthcare worker has risen to the occasion and met the challenge head-on.

Hope For Treating COVID-19

Medical science is feverishly working to develop and test treatments for COVID-19.

Viruses Can Cause False Liver Test Reads

Many different viruses can cause abnormal liver tests and at this time of year. As we are in the midst of “flu season”, we are seeing many people with unexplained, very high liver tests. Most...



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Contact Lens Health Week Begins Aug. 22

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