Chris Callaway

Chris Callaway is a freelance music journalist, currently writing for Yellow Scene Magazine, and author of Reel to Real by Reel. His articles have been published in such publications as Boulder Weekly and Westword, among others. He also shares reviews, interviews, articles and commentary on his blog Rock Music Opinions.

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Life On The Road With Boston Bassist Tracy Ferrie

Boston’s muscular rock successfully infiltrated mid-to-late ‘70s hit radio with equal parts testosterone and hooks. A slew of material from their 1976 self-titled debut has long been recognizable on radio, including the riff-ridden rocker, “More...

Lisa Loeb’s Staying Power

Singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb will forever be remembered for her hit song, “Stay (I Missed You)” that graced the classic 1994 film, Reality Bites. The tune became an instant classic for countless Gen Xers and lives...



IDA Job Retention Efforts Keep Another 500 Jobs In Nassau

The Industrial Development Agency (IDA) recently approved economic development contracts on June 28 that assist two local manufacturers to expand operations and retain 500...

Supply Drive Offers Support for Local Students

Local Boys & Girls Clubs to distribute supplies to students in need The first-ever Supporting Our Schools tri-state school supply drive kicked off on Monday, June 26...

Zorn’s Of Bethpage Celebrates 80 Years

The iconic restaurant is a Long Island fixture Today, Zorn’s of Bethpage is practically synonymous with fried chicken on Long Island, but its rich history...

Black History On Long Island

For African Americans living on Long Island, emancipation came in 1799 through New York state law. That law, however, was typical of the worldwide...

Check It Out

Even though there was a time when the band’s 2010 jaunt was supposed to be a farewell tour, the Go-Go’s have since abandoned that notion. The group has also gone from five to four as founding member/bassist Kathy Valentine departed last year amidst a lawsuit over alleged royalties/profits owed.