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Our editors pick their favorites

Anton Media Group recently held its reader smartphone photo contest. The rules were simple: use your smartphone’s camera to photograph what inspires you about the change in seasons this spring/summer. After receiving more than 120 submissions, above is the winner and below are the runners-up, along with our quotes from our editors about their favorites.

Congratulation to the winners and runners-up and a big thank you to everyone who submitted photos. Be on the lookout for future cover contests.

Bench overlooking a pond by Katie B
  • “A perfect place to go and enjoy all the beauty of nature when ‘the world is too much for us’ title of poem by William Wordsworth.” —Carol K
  • “Give me a good book and a nice cup of tea and I could enjoy this view for hours.” —Darrie D
Yellow butterfly by Dori Gronich
  • “Love the colors!” —Linda B
Lighthouse by Eileen Occhicone
  • “This beautiful photo reminds me how lucky I am to live on Long Island.” —Carol K
  • “A perfect representation of a Long Island landmark.” —Ally D
  • “Nice composition, classic landscape picture.” —Frank R
  • “Very Long Island, good work.” —Joe W
Oscar and Butterfly by Valeria Hamroff
  • “I think this is just adorable and reminds us to get our pets in tune with nature. They are just as curious as we are about the outdoors.” —Jen F


Old Westbury Gardens arch by Barbara Byrne
  • “Gorgeous property, I would love to live here.” —Linda B
  • “The perfect representation of outdoor living.” —Darrie D
  • “Old Westbury Gardens is such a pretty place to visit in spring.” —Kim D
Hither Hills dinghy by Noreen Dodson
  • “Iconic Long Island beach.” —Kim D
Sunset by Sandra Klein
  • “I absolutely love the colors of this photo. It truly epitomizes a stunning summer sunset.” —Jen F
  • “This represents the perfect setting for a summer night.” —Ally D
  • “The intense colors capture the feeling of a real summer sunset.” —Kim D
Garden, stream and trees by Nancy WIldermuth
  • “This looks like something out of Lord of The Rings in New Zealand. So many different shades of lush vibrant greenery that beckon visitors to spend some time in the area.” —Jen F
  • “I visited this spot in Huntington and it represents the pure serenity of walking through that park in the summertime.” —Christina C
  • “I love the beautiful colors represented in this photo. The bridge is lovely, too.” —Caroline R
  • “Gorgeous greener.” —Kim D
Winning photo called Kayaks on a Beach by Laura Varrone
  • “Makes one feel like those kayaks just came in to shore after a long, summer day of paddling around in the salty spray.” —Frank V
  • “The perfect blend of summer activity view and the Long Island sound.” —Ally D
  • “Love this one, nice colors.” —Shari E

About The Artist: Laura Varrone

After an islandwide search for submissions for Anton Media Group’s Outdoor Living special section, artist Laura Varrone was selected as the winner of the smartphone cover contest. Varrone’s photo, titled “Kayaks On A Beach” was selected as the winner among dozens of submissions.

Laura Varrone

Varrone was first exposed to design in architecture school in her homeland of Argentina. That passion allowed her to gain an extensive background in the world of graphic design in New York.

“I find joy behind the camera, exploring and trusting my intuition to capture moments,” she said. “I like simplicity and mostly I shoot a ‘feeling,’ how a scene or object makes me feel.”

A Great Neck resident, Varrone provides visual communications and multimedia marketing to various clients both big and small.

To see more of her creative pieces and photography work, visit and follow her on social media at @thecanvas_creative.


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