Anna Kaplan Will Protect Our Rights And Environment

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul signs legislation sponsored by Senator Anna Kaplan (standing to the right of the governor) to enforce Holocaust education in NY schools, along with two other bills to help Holocaust survivors and address Anti-Semitism. (Contributed Photo)

State Senator Anna Kaplan (D–North Hills) is running for reelection in the Seventh Senate District, which covers most of the Town of North Hempstead and northern portions of the Town of Hempstead such as Elmont and Salisbury. In the Aug. 23 Democratic primary, Kaplan (who is also on the Working Families Party line) will be opposed by Jeremy Joseph. Jack Martins, who once held the seat, has no primary challengers and will represent the Republican and Conservative lines in November’s general election.

When the recent Supreme Court decisions started rolling in, it was like wave after wave of electricity came to shock me out of a stupor. I foolishly believed that the Supreme Court would do what was best in maintaining necessary regulations to stymie climate change and prevent unjust pollution of our environment by corporations. Instead, I was hit with the reality that it was up to us to ensure that state and local governments had to enforce the spirit of these dead regulations.

I have found hope and strength in action, however, and I’ve found that by supporting State Senator Anna Kaplan’s campaign for reelection to New York State Senate District 7, I have an opportunity to help shape the country that I want to see.

My first experience in advocacy was at the Youth Climate Summit hosted by Residents Forward of Port Washington. There, I first met Senator Kaplan and witnessed her passion for safeguarding our community and world as a whole. This was the largest factor in why I decided to campaign for her in the upcoming election.

The 2022 general election is going to see one of the thinnest margins we’ve ever seen on Long Island, and we need an experienced leader who can unite our community and effect action in the state legislature. No legislator is better equipped to fight for Nassau County and, above all, our rights to a clean world, than Senator Kaplan.

Please join me in voting to reelect our State Senator Anna Kaplan in the primary election on Aug. 23 to ensure that New York remains at the forefront of U.S. climate policy.

Jacob Keller

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