An Integrative Approach For Supporting Health And Wellness Every Day


The term “integrative medicine” might bring to mind holistic approaches to wellness like massage, yoga and acupuncture. And while these activities are aspects of integrative medicine, the term is broader based, encompassing all healthy lifestyle practices and complementary healing modalities that help you thrive.

Integrative care puts you at the center of your care with a focus on better nutrition, sleep, support and stress management.

Learn how to eat better

Balanced nutrition is a key aspect of integrative medicine. Limiting fast food, sugar, alcohol and foods linked to inflammation can boost your immune system, help you lose weight and just make you feel better.

Focus on movement

Whether it’s a walk around the block or devoting a few minutes to stretching, moving more is an important first step on the path toward improved health and wellness.

Create moments of mindfulness

Whether you are sipping your morning coffee, walking, listening to music or talking to someone, try to be in the moment. Bringing your full attention to the task at hand helps you be present for it and enjoy it.

Breathe deeply

By slowing down your heart rate and lowering your blood pressure, breathing deeply helps you relieve stress and increase relaxation.

Get a good night’s sleep

Consider relieving stress before bed by disconnecting from technology an hour before bedtime. Ensure you get a proper amount of rest (seven to eight hours) each night.
Northwell Health’s Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine offers a full schedule of group and private classes, workshops and events designed to address physical, mental and spiritual health, including exercise and movement classes, mind-body therapies, wellness coaching, energy healing and more.

The Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine is located at 1500 Old Northern Blvd., second floor, Roslyn. Call the Katz Institute for Women’s Health Resource Center at 855-850-5494 to speak to a women’s health representative.

—Submitted by the Katz Institute

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