All Aboard For The Holiday Train Show


Holiday season is already in full swing and starting on Nov. 23, New York City will once again host its Holiday Train Show. The show is deemed as New York City favorite and will run until Jan. 26 at the New York Botanical Garden. Admission includes the show as well as an All-Garden Pass.

Model trains will be going through a display of more than 175 landmarks famous to New York City. The artist, Paul Busse, uses unconventional, natural materials to create iconic places including the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center and several others. Busse has been building these landscapes out of bark, acorns, and other materials since the first Holiday Train show of 1992.

This year the show will be displayed in a winter wonderland setting next to the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory and there will be more than 25 model trains to observe. The trains ride along almost half a mile of track.

The Holiday Train Show offers programs for people of all ages. Families can take their kids to the Evergreen Express where they can pretend to ride the rails and hike the trails. On weekends and certain dates there are crafting, sing-along, and a Thomas the Tank Engine adventure.

For those coming to enjoy the holidays, there is a specific holiday landmark tour, winter tree tours, a lighting ceremony, annual bird count, as well as special opportunities for those who are members of the NYBG. Members have access to special breakfast, early previews, a shopping weekend and more.

If you are 21 and up, the Holiday Train Show has a special treat for you. Enjoy boozy hot chocolate or other spirits, outdoor excitement, and a special after dark presentation of the show. There are several aspects to be enjoyed during the show. Guests can sit by the fire, watch artistic ice sculpting, observe festive performers and be surrounded by inevitable holiday cheer.

The Holiday Train Show is a must-see experience for the winter and holiday season. Make it a date night, family trip, or even go by yourself and enjoy the display.

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