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Fly on a trapeze, learn to boogie, take a boat cruise, go zip lining, drive an exotic car or create a couple painting
By Colleen Maidhof

I.FLY Trapeze
Fly through the air with the greatest of ease at I.FLY Trapeze. (Photography by Colleen Maidhof)

For parents who have little ones away at camp, summer can be a time for thrills, bonding and even reliving their own childhoods. Day trips, nighttime dates and new hobbies can be explored and couples can build exciting memories to share with their children when they return.

Swing on a Trapeze

You don't have to run away with the circus to learn to trapeze, just visit I.FLY.
You don’t have to run away with the circus to learn to trapeze, just visit I.FLY. (Photography by Colleen Maidhof)

Learn to fly with your loved one by taking a trapeze lesson at I.FLY Trapeze ( at Eisenhower Park or Long Beach. I.FLY offers daytime, afternoon and evening classes for all ages. If you’re interested in trying it with your significant other, a one-and-a-half-hour class is a good choice.

“Some people want to try something new and thrilling together and some want to overcome their fear of heights,” says Anthony Rosamilia, co-owner of I.FLY.

Ann Marie Cagnazzi, a 31-year-old student at I.FLY, loved her first flying experience. “At first I was nervous to try the trapeze because it was new and I wanted to do well. After jumping, I loved it and joined a class.”

Going on a trapeze is safe at I.FLY. “There is a net underneath you. If you do a trick and you’re doing something wrong, there’s a harness on you and there’s someone at the bottom controlling your harness. They will catch you and make sure you land softly,” says Cagnazzi. Trying this new experience together is a way of creating memories.

“It’s a bonding experience,” says Rosamilia. “Many people go on dates at I.FLY. You can cheer your significant other on and encourage them.”

Learn to Dance Like the Stars

Cha cha at Ballroom of Huntington
Cha cha at Ballroom of Huntington (Photo courtesy of Ballroom of Huntington)

Tango, salsa, swing, hustle, waltz or foxtrot with your partner at the Ballroom of Huntington ( at 508 New York Avenue.

Through private lessons and classes, the studio teaches adults how to dance. “When potential clients visit the studio, we evaluate them through a complimentary lesson to see where they are at. If they have no experience, they can take a few private lessons, but we also have classes for all levels,” says Denise Defeo, owner of Ballroom of Huntington.

Instead of attending your children’s recital, you can participate in your own at the end of the summer—the dance studio offers showcases every month.

“It’s like a recital. Dancers don’t have to do it, but it’s something fun they could always look forward to. They could dress up, use props and show off what they learned,” says Defeo.

She believes that couples who learn how to dance together can rekindle a relationship. “It’s a bonding activity for them,” she says. “It’s a way for them to get to know each other all over again and it can help them remember why they married each other.”

10428121_668080563265684_2332143521249008096_oTake a Boat Cruise

Take a daytime or sunset cruise with Freeport Water Taxi
Take a daytime or sunset cruise with Freeport Water Taxi (Photo courtesy of Freeport Water Taxi)

Sailing seven days a week during peak season, Captain Rick Cohen tours the bay with passengers on 60- and 90-minute daytime and sunset cruises. Harbor-seal-watching and eco tours allow passengers to get equally close to nature, while those visiting Freeport or Point Lookout can enlist the taxi services, which make it easy to visit several waterfront landmarks and eateries, including seafood haven Rachel’s Waterside Grill and Crow’s Nest Mini Golf. The boat can also be chartered for bird-watching tours based on the season, as well as fishing trips. The Freeport Water Taxi ( also offers summer wine or beer tasting on Thursday nights.

“The sunset cruises are very romantic and relaxing. Passengers can listen to music, bring food and enjoy a full bar,” says Cohen. “It’s a great activity for a couple to enjoy and it builds memories.”

Explore Your Inner Tarzan

Zipline through the treetops at The Adventure Park.
Zipline through the treetops at The Adventure Park. (Photography courtesy of Adventure Park)

Have you ever wanted to explore the treetops and go zip­lining? The Adventure Park ( at 75 Colonial Springs Road in Wheatley Heights offers seven acres of woodland and 10 trails for all climbing levels. Couples can go during the day and bring a picnic or enjoy a romantic night when the trees are illuminated.

Ziplining is a safe activity. Before you begin, you attend a 15-minute orientation session. Throughout your time in the trees, you are attached to a safety cable, so if you lose your footing, you are safe. Staff will also assist and advise you if you need help.

“The park is designed, so you don’t have to be an accomplished climber, because we have multiple trails to choose from,” says Tony Wellman, communications director for Adventure Parks of Outdoor Adventures.

“This is a bonding experience for anyone who climbs together because they are sharing a fresh experience and overcoming obstacles, which is thrilling and empowering. Everyone leaves  the park a little different,” says Wellman.

Go on an Exotic Car Ride

dream car
Take your dream car for a spin at Velocity Driving. (Photography courtesy of Velocity Driving)

Have you ever wanted to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Maserati GranTurismo, Nissan GTR, Audi R8 or an Aston Martin Vantage with your significant other?

Velocity Driving ( at 1255 Hempstead Turnpike in Uniondale offers Supercar Driving Tours. Known as the summer destination for celebrities and CEOs from all around the world, you’ll fit right in behind the wheel of one of Velocity’s exotic sports cars. Leaving from the headquarters in Nassau County, you can join a group and try out as many as five different exotic and supercars with two hours of total driving. This is a nice, slow-paced day for those who want to enjoy their time behind the wheel. Driving tours start at $1,200 and include a passenger.

Velocity driving also offers a Supercar Driving Experience, where you can purchase as many laps around Nassau Coliseum as your heart desires—in your dream car. With one of Velocity’s driving instructors riding shotgun, you get to experience these cars the way they were meant to be driven. All cars have a semi-automatic paddle-shift transmission with no clutch pedal, so no manual experience is needed.

“If you and your partner in crime are into cars and exciting things, this is something for you. No other place in the area offers this. This is definitely an experience of a lifetime,” says Chris Scaturo, event manager.

(Photography by Redmond, CC BY 2.0)

Paint a Memory

Paint and Main
Paint something beautiful at Paint and Main. (Photo courtesy of Paint and Main)

Take a trip to Farmingdale for a paint lesson at Paint  and Main ( at 230 Main Street. Not only will couples spend time together, they will  take a completed piece of art home to display.

“The classes are designed for those with little to no art experience and we have couples’ nights where each paints a separate canvas that can be combined into  one work of art,” says Reem Hussein-Iacovelli, owner of the art studio. “All the necessary materials are provided and the staff walks participants through each step. The class takes about two hours.”

Most adult classes are given during Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Hussein-Iacovelli believes that a paint lesson can make a fun date night for parents. “I consider it a bonding activity because when you are trying something new in general, it’s comforting to have someone next to you who you feel comfortable with,” she says. “After painting something they can keep forever, they can enjoy the many restaurants and bars that Main Street offers.”

Summertime is your time to be a kid.  Which will you choose?


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