A Suggested Teacher’s Gift List


WP_20150606_002Here are some other teacher gift ideas from parents—and teachers:
• Be creative. For instance, get a butterfly bush for the teacher who taught a lesson about butterflies.
• Note a teacher’s subject interest and get a subscription to a magazine he can use for his class next year.
• Try a Starbucks gift certificate, with a note saying, “To replace the teachers’ lounge coffee.”
• Give him something for his leisure time: a gift certificate to a restaurant or movie theater passes or tickets to a play.
• Try something the teacher can share with her own children, like gift certificates to an ice cream parlor.
• Replace classroom games that are worn.
• Get a special edition of the book the teacher read to the class this year.
• Buy something for his garden, like perennials, so he can think of your child each year they bloom.
• Make a scrapbook. Take photos of each child and have them write their favorite class memory. Bind them together with ribbon. (To read a full story on getting teachers the right gift, click here. To read a suggestion for a homemade teacher’s gift, click here.)

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