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Venetian collector cabinet

If you find yourself in the seaside town of Port Washington, take a stroll down Main Street and pop into Stam Gallery, a nod to the past. You’ll be glad you found an escape from the trappings of modern life.

Steven Stam is the owner of Stam Gallery, an antique store that sells, buys and appraises fine art and antiques. With an eye for art and design, Stam respects antiques of other times and places.

“My two most favorite activities are the constant process of learning—despite my age—while researching the history of objects and artists that come my way, and the absolute feeling of high as a result of a great discovery,” said Stam, who deals with period furniture and objects of virtue.

As an appraiser of personal property for more than 40 years, with emphasis on fine art and antiques, Stam said he has developed a keen eye for objects of significant artistic beauty and quality, which jump out at him.

“Even in a pile of mediocrity, crying to be recognized and differentiated from its surroundings, it is wonderful to identify a beautiful little Tiffany mantle clock on the shelf in the midst of ‘made in Japan’ figurines and such,” said Stam. “It delights me to inform my appraisal client whenever previously unrecognized objects are found.”

Over the years, one can imagine that Stam has come across a number of unique treasures in his line of work. Recent years’ discoveries, he said, include the unique modern marble desk of Marcel Breuer on which the original Whitney Museum was designed and a previously unknown very rare Rembrandt etching. His impressive collection of antique furniture actually stems from Long Island’s north shore, among other places.

The Great Gatsby country is rich with old estates, and lots of old people who bought their furnishings on Madison Avenue antique stores and on tours of Europe and the Orient. Their children want only modern furniture and designs,” he said of today’s collectors”

Consequently, we are offered a great many better and best antiques their kids dislike. There are many sellers and, unfortunately, few buyers here on Long Island, so we buy a lot of great quality pieces and offer them to a market of museums, dealers and discerning collectors all over America and overseas.”

In offering a wide variety of high quality and interesting antique furniture, fine art and objects, Stam prides his business on being unique. He loves talking to people interested in his collection, explaining a piece’s origin and providing a sort of historical education that clients won’t find anywhere else.

Stam Gallery & Appraisers is located at 289 Main St., Port Washington. For more information, call 516-883-1104 or visit www.stamgallery.com.

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