A Funky Holiday

Funky Monkey carries the hottest toys for kids this holiday.

While corporate-owned, national chain toy stores have liquidated their inventory and closed their doors for good, Funky Monkey in Greenvale has only been thriving. The Wheatley Plaza toy store has been in operation since 2003 under the ownership of Stanley Greenman, the very same man behind childhood favorite Noodle Kidoodle.

Funky Monkey is easily spotted moments after entering the plaza parking lot; with its bright green doorway and chunky, white letters, the store is hard to miss. Once stepping foot inside, guests are whisked away to a whimsical wonderland full of shades of lime green, mango and teal, complemented by steel fixtures—really putting the “funky” in Funky Monkey. Bright colors and eye-catching displays galore drive home the store’s motto: “We’re more than just a store, we’re an experience!”

The season’s hottest toys stand on either side of the entryway with Peppa Pig on the left and the pups of Paw Patrol on the right. Walking further into the store, shoppers are guaranteed to find something special for children of all ages. A plethora of toys, dollhouses, sports trading cards, jewelry, books, games, knick knacks of all shapes and sizes, and stuffed animals sprinkled throughout lend to a shopping trip that will not leave guests empty-handed.

“Here we’re trying to have an assortment more of the trendy, cool toys,” said Greenman, who is a lifetime Long Island resident. “If something is new, you’ll probably find it here. Parents are looking for the latest and the greatest and what’s cool, trendy and hot.”

Along with complimentary gift wrapping, the store’s success hinges on three main components, Greenman explained: the store’s high-quality customer service, a unique mix of merchandise and a prime location on Long Island’s north shore.

With the holiday season’s early arrival, the Funky Monkey staff are hard at work to keep the shop in tip-top condition and fully stocked with the gifts that are projected to be most-wanted by children this season. Along with Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, Greenman noted the popularity of L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, a mystery package of dolls and their mix-and-match accessories.

“The number one toy this year for Christmas is the L.O.L. dolls. That, by far, is the number one hot item in the store,” Greenman said.

In preparing for the holiday rush, Funky Monkey carefully monitors how well stock of certain items sell earlier in the year. Based on customer reception and how well something sells, the store will note what is important to keep a hefty stock of to please shoppers coming in around the holidays for the year’s hot items.

Funky Monkey has kept up with the trends and consistently meets the demands of its clientele. Shoppers have come to recognize that “if anybody is going to have it in stock and make it available to the customer, it’s Funky Monkey,” said Greenman.

Visit Funky Monkey at 360 Wheatley Plaza in Greenvale.

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