2018 Election Voters Guide—New York Judge Candidates


Justice of the Supreme Court

Vote For Seven

George Nolan DEM, CON, IND
Marian R. Tinari DEM, CON, IND
Deborah Poulos DEM, CON, IND
Michael A. Gajdos, Jr. DEM, CON, IND
Norman St. George DEM, REP
Helen Voutsinas DEM, REP
Ruth C. Balkin DEM, REP
Larry Kelly REP
Stephen F. Kiely REP
Daniel T. Driscoll REP
John B. Zollo REP
Thomas Rademaker CON
Christopher L. Grayson CON
Robert M. Nigro CON
Vincent J. Messina, Jr. IND
Stephen J. Lynch IND
David A. Morris IND

County Court Judge

Vote For One

Catherine Rizzo DEM, REP
Shaun K. Hogan CON

Family Court Judge

Vote For One

Robin M. Kent DEM, REP
Madeline Petrara-Perrin CON

District Court Judge, District 2

Vote For Three

Andrea C. Phoenix DEM, GRE, WFP, WEP, REF
Andrew M. Engel DEM, GRE, WFP, WEP, REF
Valerie J. Alexander DEM, GRE, WFP, WEP, REF
Michael W. Alpert REP, CON, IND, TR
Charles J. Casolaro REP, CON, IND, TR
Eric Zeni REP, CON, IND, TR

District Court Judge, District 3

Vote For One

Scott Fairgrieve DEM, WFP, IND, WEP, REF
Tomasina Cuda Mastroianni REP, CON

District Court Judge, District 4

Vote For Two

Joanne Curran Perrucci DEM, GRE, WFP, WEP
Dana L. Grossblatt DEM, WFP, WEP
Douglas J. Lerose REP, CON, IND, REF, TR
Colin F. O’Donnell REP, CON, GRE, IND, REF, TR

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